Welcome to 3 Girls In The Dark!

What are we about you ask?

3 Girls In The Dark are 3 chicks who sit in the dark. Literally.

But we actually do something in the dark! We are a Paranormal Investigation Team out of St. Louis, MO!
Coming from 3 completely different views, we bring a variety of opinions to the table,
which in turn, forces us to hit all points and views when conducting an investigation.

We also have a crew and a psychic medium!

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If you or someone you know is experiencing paranormal or unexplained activity in their home or place of business and would like to have 3 Girls in the Dark in to investigate, please contact us via form on our contact page or shoot us an email at info@3girlsinthedark.com.

Make sure to let us know details about the location and any activity taking place. 

Or, if your team would like to collaborate on an investigation with our team, please fill our our form on our contact page or email us at info@3girlsinthedark.com!