Get to know 3GD

Each of the members of 3GD have been into the paranormal and all things weird since childhood. 

Emily and Gina attended college together, but it wasn't until several years after graduating that they realized they had the same paranormal interests. They reconnected through Facebook a few years after graduating, and one day Gina posted she was going on a ghost hunt. Emily freaked out and commented "NO SHIT - WE NEED TO GET TOGETHER AND GO!". And that's when their paranormal love began! After going on a few "tours" together, they decided they wanted more out of it than walking around with 30 people at each location. They put their heads together and decided to start a real investigation team. 

Melissa, our Psychic Medium, joined the team in July 2015 and has changed the dynamic of this team by so much! We love having her around, she's great energy and such a positive being! She makes people cry at every location we drag her along to, as well as making most of our team members cry! But in a good way! When someone cries at a location, we know her job is done! It is validation of her message touching their hearts.

Ryan, our Scream Queen, joined the team in December 2015. He won a spot on the Villisca Case when our Case Manager had to stay back. Ryan loved investigating so much and did such an amazing job researching Villisca that we decided to bring him on as a permanent member of 3GD as our Research Specialist. Ryan is also a basecamp bitch and helps watch over the live feed as well as instant evp review.


Wanna see action shots, funny stills and more? Go to our Gallery page! 

What we do

We've recently decided to give more to our clients than just what we found during our investigations. If the location we investigate delivers enough solid unexplained events,  instead of just presenting the evidence, we are now putting together mini documentaries about the location and it's claims along with our personal experiences, evidence gathered and opinions.