get to know 3 girls in the dark and crew!


Emily - Lead Investigator/Debunker/HBIC/Boss/BAB

Emily is a semi-skeptic who believes it when she sees it. Debunking is her middle name! She does believe in the afterlife, but finding an actual spirit is few and far between. In most cases, lots of claims can be debunked and explained very easily

Having very few unexplained experiences growing up, it's peaked her interest and curiosity in the paranormal phenomena. As the debunker, Emily strongly believes there's more than likely a logical explanation for the majority of paranormal activity claims out there. This is why she investigates. She strives to experience something shocking that even SHE cannot debunk. Afraid of what lurks in the dark, Emily is forced to face her fears by entering the darkness during investigations.

Emily is also our Boss Ass Bitch (BAB), the dictator of all 3GD.

Emily's secret vegas name is "Midnight Vixen"

Emily's nickname on the team (besides Boss Ass Bitch) is also MOM. She enforces the law for sure, but in a sweet and nice manner (even if her Resting Bitch Face shows otherwise). Once this doesn't work, it's time to call DAD off the recliner to come whoop some ass!

I can’t!


Gina - Lead Investigator/Scientific/BA Baracus

Gina likes to exercise all other possibilities when presented something paranormal. But that doesn't mean she is not a believer in the unknown. She strives to collect the best possible evidence that makes even her amazed, and nothing less than amazing will do.

Gina's nickname on the team is DAD. When MOM isn't able to rally up the kids, she calls DAD in to crack his whip. DAD enforces the law when MOM is unsuccessful. And DAD does it in a scarrrrry way.

Gina's secret Vegas name is "Smokey Jamestown"

Let’s get weird!


Melissa - Psychic Medium



Melissa joined forces with 3 Girls In The Dark in July 2015. She has blown us away with her readings of properties and people. Trust me, we were skeptical on bringing a medium to the team, but when we tested her she passed with flying colors! We threw her in a car, drove her 2 hours away from home and plopped her in a haunted building to read. When the caretaker's sister and husband cried from her reading, and she picked up on all of the spirits said to reside there, we knew she was the one! Now, she reads a property and it's owners before every investigation, and helps us to prepare for what we are to look for during our investigation and beyond. 

"Giving someone an ouija board, is like giving someone an STD!"


Ryan - Paranormal Research Specialist/Basecamp Bitch

Ryan joined our team after winning a paranoob spot on our Villisca Axe Murder House investigation. Ryan had never been on an investigation and had no experience in the paranormal field prior to joining the case as a guest. After this weekend, we fell in love with our Ryan and decided to add him to the team as our intern! He did such amazing background work on the location that we promoted him shortly after to our research specialist! 

Ryan's nickname is "Scream Queen"


Matt - Videographer/Photographer/Editor

Matt is our go-to guy for all things visual. He helps us put together our mini documentaries when an investigation offers up gobs of evidence, as well as taking BAD ASS photos of us. He makes us look GOOOOOOOOD.

Matt likes to put on an "I don't believe in that shit" facade... We aren't buying it.

Matt’s nickname is Edit