our evidence findings

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Villisca Ax Murder House

Being one of the most haunted residential locations in the United States, Villisca Ax Murder house was definitely on the top of our bucket list. And we were like kids in a candy store when we booked this case!

And boy did Villisca deliver!

From the 2nd story children's room floor shaking as a reaction to the trigger words "Slay Utterly", to some weird child like laugh, to balls of light leading up to intense paranormal activity, to the piano playing for 6 straight minutes as we left for dinner with DVR and EVPs rolling and no one in the house!

We are currently working on a Mini Doc on this location. Bare with us, we have had an extremely busy summer, so it's been a slow process. We've clipped our findings for our viewers to see, but the Mini Doc is coming soon!

Haunted Castle House, Brumley, MO

This location is reportedly a very highly active hot spot! And we can agree!

With several mini cemeteries on the grounds, history of wounded soldiers, child abuse and death, a female owner haunting the stairwell, and much more, we were very eager to get inside!

We stayed the entire weekend at this bed & breakfast, where the owners were extremely kind and hospitable. 

During our stay we heard male whistling on 2 separate occasions, a power outage within the first hour of arrival, intelligent flashlight activity as well as extreme cold spots and gusts of air.


Undisclosed Missouri Mansion

This historic mansion has been on our bucket list for a long time, so our crew was excited to get inside. The mansion owners have asked to be undisclosed as they do not market their location as a paranormal spot.

This classic revival style mansion was built in 1870. The original owner passed away before completion...

Some claims include a woman in a long dress roaming the 2nd floor hallways, items jumping off of shelving, tools randomly go missing then reappear, something evil lurking in the basement, and much more....

Could the woman in the dress roaming the 2nd story hallways be the owner's widow?

Maybe one of these spirits said to haunt the home is the original owner watching over his stately manor?

Below is our Mini Documentary created for the client as well as the separated clips of each piece of evidence

Collinsville, IL Residence

Reports of seeing a little girl in a white dress by 2 different people on 2 separate occasions, slamming cabinet doors, and believe it or not, senior pictures shooting out of a refrigerator ice dispenser! This property was built in the 1920's but the land was dated back to the 1800s with the Cholera outbreak in a doctor's office that was previously on the property but is not there today. It is rumored that a husband shot his wife in the basement and a man had hung himself in the attic.

Goldenrod Showboat

We investigated the Goldenrod Showboat in Kampsville, IL LIVE via Livestream.com with PIT. While there we had a couple interesting experiences. 

• 3 crew members (Emily, Gina and Christy) saw a ball of light, possibly a greenish color, in the upper balcony near Captain Menke's favorite table. Unfortunately the DVR camera pointed in that direction was unable to pick up the ball of light, it was several hundred feet away from the camera.

• 6 crew members witnessed the plasma ball gaining strength that only the human touch or spirit energy can manipulate. The pink electric voltage lines all gravitated towards one spot on the ball and seconds later the whole thing died. Battery shot. At the same time, the geophone measured some type of vibration in the table when no one was moving at the time. This also happened at the Captain Menke's table where he likes to sit. 

• We did not hear this at the time of investigation, but a whisper comes through saying "NO" on the livestream camera in the lobby area when we started picking up sounds in the ticket booth. Unfortunately we had to wrap up that segment to recharge batteries for the livestream feed and prepare for the next segment, so we weren't able to hang out longer to try and pick up more activity in that area. 

Abandoned Shiloh, IL Residence

This house  was filled with graffiti and broken things everywhere, as well as mini nooses hanging from the basement ceiling. So far we have yet to find historical information on this place, but we are still searching. Though we did catch a class A evp, and a possible face in the window, if it is not matrixing.

Since this investigation, this house has been demolished.

Whisper House, Missouri Residence

The back door opening on multiple occasions after being dead bolted shut. The owner caught the video on his own surveillance camera. A white mist caught in the dining room on 2 occasions. The owner has been shoved into the house from the porch and received scratches on their back. The owner also received a deep cut on their leg through their jeans but the jeans were untouched. Heavy equipment was moved from one part of the kitchen to the other. 

Below is our Mini Documentary created for the client as well as the separated clips of each piece of evidence

Morse Mill Hotel, Morse Mill, MO

Built originally in 1816, as 1 room house then expanded. Jesse James and his Brothers stayed here, and registered their Marks into the existing Register. Bertha Gifford lived, worked here-1st female serial killer in the Nation. We had several experiences at this location from footsteps above us on the 2nd floor, to the piano softly playing a few keys. We also had intelligent K2 hits on the stairs.

St. Charles, MO Residence

Reports of feeling like you are being watched, sounds of a man and woman arguing every night, heavy boot footsteps across wood flooring heard by several witnesses, a toy car flying off the kitchen counter, a light anomaly entering the master bedroom, and much more. A woman in a white dress has been seen on 2 occasions. Talks of a suicide have also taken place at this location.

Maryville, IL Residence

Reports in this location from candles flying off a microwave, to the feeling of not being able to breathe while laying down. Built in the 1930s, this location has a ton of history. We captured one of our most compelling pieces of evidence at this location. While listening back to an EVP recording just taken, we heard two loud knocks on the wall in response to a question asked on the recording. The knocks were in real time and not on the recording we were listening to.


Belleville, IL Residence

Reports of hearing piano on multiple occasions, seeing shadow figures standing at the end of the bed, a woman's head being seen popping around the corner of a doorway on several occasions by different witnesses, and much more! This location was built around the 1930's to the 1940's.

Undisclosed Missouri Hotel

Several reports on this location such as eyes following you on a painting of a woman in room 217 as well as reports of hearing a piano with no piano on the premises. During our investigation, we distinctly heard one piano key on the 2nd floor in the lobby. Just one key played. It was quite loud as well. We debunked it as not being the elevator ding nor was it the ice machine making noises. We never heard the noise again that evening. It was also reported a young glowing boy standing on the edge of a guest's bed. This hotel was built in the 1920s. It is rumored that a prostitute was murdered in room 105.

Southern Illinois Residence

Reports of tug of war with the blanket while sleeping, light anomolies described as shooting stars inside the home and shadow figures outside the windows. This was definitely an interesting investigation!

Upon evidence review, we picked up what looked like a person outside the front window with an illuminated device (possibly cell phone) but we were unable to recreate this happening. Below is our original "blue face" evidence finding and our "debunking" techniques.